Magical Thing


1. I Am OK

2. Hold Me

3. Saxoman

4. Magical Thing

5. No Tomorrow

6. Put Your Hands On My Back

7. Wine Days

8. Danger

9. Come Closer

10. Why Don’t

11. Just A Breath

Magical Things is the first album of Purple Lemon. Purple Lemon is a band of R&B and Soul that plays with other nuances in the purest style neosoul, jazz, blues, rock and pop.


Pancho Brañas: drums and composer
Gaia Misrachi: vocalist
Gabriel Olórtiga: bass
Álvaro del Valle: guitar

All songs composed by Pancho Brañas


Sun breaks my window

right to my fucking eyes

I guess it’s a new day

Yesterday I went out

my head’s about to explode

But, well, I’m okay

once my coffe was spilled

all over my new shirt

when I was to go on my way

changed my fucking clothes

once more, as I did before

but, I can say I’m okay


Went to the backyard

to take the motorcycle

’cause in my wallet there was no pence

Found out no wheel

I think I’m going ill

But, really, I’m okay

Spent my day in college

learning no shit

Because my mind was somewhere else

Here’s this stupid, by the way

I only want to ride away

I’m still fucking okay


I’m looking forward getting high

forget the universe for a while

play some fucking chords and kiss-goodnight

’cause everything’s so fucking fine

that I still want to survive

in this fucking town I live inside

Sun will break my windows

right to my fucking eyes

A new day

I may go out

And my head will explode

But, I’ll be okay


Hold me one more time

Take a sit, baby, we’ve got to talk

It’s been a long time that I’ve been feeling strange,

like this ain’t for me, that I should make a change

Well, I tried to open my heart

It’s hard to do it with cracks on it

I’m a mess, you know it since the first time you saw me

I’m a caos and that’s what I’ll provide to your life if I stay

Sit on the chair, baby, look me in the eye when I say

I got to love you with half a chest and here I’m numb nowadays

I want to give back what you give to me

The more I try, the less I can

Hold me once more

I confess I was at the end of my tether a while ago

We’ve come a long way that’s better to stop

Before it turn into a hard time, I’d better go

Well, I had to open my eyes

Was hard to do it and as yet

that I’ve realise that I’m not okay and you are worthy of the best

that I wont ever be able to be to you, babe


I heard a man playing his saxo on the street

I stopped and stared at him like:

‘Hey, man, what are you doing there?’

He didn’t quit playing while he came close to mine

(PRECH. 1)

He told me he was born

On the heart of the mediocrity

He found a job

That filled his life with apathy

When he could no more

He took his wind and started to blow


He said he touched the bottom

While he thought he was so high

He felt that every dollar fought for

Stole the real meaning of his life

(PRECH. 2)

He told me he was born

On the heart of the mediocrity

Surrounded of

The boredom as philosophy

When he could no more

He took his wind and started to blow


It’s been so good to know you this way, boy

I could taste some moments of you I could not do untill then

Oh, we’ve had a good time

I guess it won’t be the only one when

You say you still feel my hands on your skin

You hear me whisper near your ear

You could keep gripping my legs

You will be able to sin again

From my feet to my tongue

You know I left my door open

If you’re capable to meet

I’ll go as far as you let me 

Let’s clear it up, take it off

Make time round the clock

Why would you resist?

I put a spell on you, baby

Work this magical thing

Make me your lady


Baby boy come dance with me

Rock your hips closer to mine

I’ll got you leaning over, you know what I mean

You know it wont take a long while

I’m not asking I just order

Pick me up on your car, take me over

I’ll take you to a place far from here

I wanna make your world dissapear


I can taste your breath

I can feel your heat

Boy, I aware you

I’m gonna be mean


Wanna shake your body like there’s no tomorrow 

Show you each and every inch from my skin

Let’s spend our passion fighting with each other

In the battlefield we started in that bed

Baby boy come dance with me

Rock your hips closer to mine

I’ll got you leaning over, you know what I mean

You know it wont take a long while

I’m not asking I just order

Pick me up on your car, take me over

I’ll take you to a place far from here

I wanna make your world dissapear



Like a carousell

we go round and round and round

You drag on my soul

Then I’m in you mouth

If you dared me to play

risked yourself to this lie

This lie of my denial

About who’s leading this mind


Put your hands on my back

I’ll survive the wrack

Think I’m ready

for whatever is to come

even thought you are

or you are not

Got me waiting

to be pull aside

And I know I’m a fool

when the plea in my eyes – is


Got me tied up

Between your finger

Know if you throw me

I will linger

Prayers of silence

in my guts to stay still

as I’m aware / I’m not good for you

just as you are/not /good for me



I am the danger, the mess someone made

Do give up

You are a stranger for me, baby, please

Shut up

Stop trying to calculate my indecency

By the hips

Stop trying to play with me

On your knees

When is the time that you show your true roots

Bany boo

I got you going, you know and I know

My voodoo

You say to me kinda things that are far

From the truth

You call me nasty as if it was for me

A taboo


I’ve been watching

How you play

And I warn you

I know how to win your game

I’ve been staring

At your ways

And i tell you

Everything you’re going to see when I’m gone


Is my name

I am the danger, the mess someone made

Boy, c’mon

Hear me, I’m not gonna fall anymore

So go on

I’m made of plastic for you, gonna play

On my own

You can wait seated if you still think

I will go




Wine days and loneliness

Made me sat at the edge of a club

Surrounded of gargoyles

I felt safer out in the dark

But, outside, no medicine

Was able to heal my cuts

So I took this decision, cause this is my mission

To remove what bothers inside

Wine days and stormy heat

Wine days making a fool of me

Wine days eating my bones from the spine

Wine days fulfilling my nights

I promised once more

That I wouldn’t do it again

Then caos said hello

And threatening came the hell

Light thoughts made waver 

The song I had for premise

But a cold breathe brought the need 

to give joy to my heart



Come closer, man, I’m not going to hurt you

So slowly, hurry, I want to rock you

I will not go, I swear I’ll spend the whole night

As long as I talk you into being mine

You ain’t got to say a word to catch my attention

Honey, how you moved, how you walked that door made a fool of me

Even though days passed by since I saw you for the last time

You round my head time after time 


Baby, tell me your fears, 

I promise to make you forget them

I can drive you so crazy as you can’t remember your name

You should come here, let’s play this game


Gonna come to me

Baby, can’t you see?

Time has gone by but you’re still here

And you are here to stay

Sex with me is great, but admit it

You know it’s more than this


You say you wanna go your own way

While you spend your full time with me

You may not be safe in this place

But I’ll take care of you if you let me


Why don’t we try to make this just the right way?

Why would you be scared of it?

How can you love me and still deny it?

Why don’t you accept and let yourself come to me?


Open up, baby

And realize you belong with me

Let’s be free together

The wildness is the best part of it

PRECH. subido de tono


Sometimes it seams

like people all around us

are not living, no

They just move as they were machines

of a factory, but c’mon


Stop for a while

Quit looking behind

This blue eyes

Stare the magic place you’re in

and remember there’s only one time to live


Just take a breath [x2]

Sometimes I wonder

if I truly realise of

what’s in front of me

I have my good and bad days also




All songs composed by Pancho Brañas

Paintings by Pancho Brañas